AWS messaging services landscape and hybrid cloud

  • Data: 18 aprilie 2024
  • Locație: UBC 0, Iulius Town, 15th floor
  • Organizator: Haufe

What can you expect?

Navigating the AWS messaging services landscape
AWS Messaging services are designed to effectively implement event-driven architectures in the cloud. Join this session to learn how Amazon SNS employs a publish/subscribe model, Amazon SQS ensures reliable message queuing, Amazon EventBridge enables event-routing, and AWS StepFunctions orchestrates distributed workflows. We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of each service’s features, use cases, and advantages. By exploring real-world scenarios, you’ll also understand when and how to leverage the individual strengths which will allow you to make well-informed decisions for your own workloads.

Hybrid Cloud and Edge Computing
AWS is reinventing hybrid cloud and edge computing models to provide a continuum of consistent cloud services wherever you need it to support your business — whether that’s at an on-premises data center to a smaller location like a retail store, a major city where it’s not cost effective to have a big data center, or at the edge of a 5G network for a company that develops applications that deliver ultra-responsive user experience.


Max works as a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. He supports companies with designing well-architected applications and running them in the cloud. Before that he worked for more than 10 years as a Software Engineer & Architect on distributed system design and monolith-to-microservice transformations. His recent work focuses on Serverless (Java), SaaS and Event Driven Architectures.

Dio is a Technical Account Manager with over 15 years of experience supporting Customers in various Industries. In his role he supports Customers get the best out of their Cloud utilization, continuously improve their Operational Excellence all while understanding their priorities and working backwards to accelerate achieving their goals. He is also part of a Community that specializes in Hybrid Edge and Sustainability in AWS.


18:30 Navigating the AWS messaging services landscape
19:15 Hybrid Cloud and Edge Computing
20:00 Socializing

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