AWS GameDay 2024

  • Data: 6 iunie 2024
  • Locație: Haufe Group, Iulius Town, UBC 0, 15th floor
  • Organizator: Haufe

🌟AWS GameDay 2024 – Join the Challenge, Win the Adventure! 🚀

The event you’ve been waiting for is here – an exciting, team-based workshop where you’ll embark on a gamified adventure through AWS challenges.

🛩️✨Epic Grand Prize: Soar high above Timisoara and celebrate your victory with an aerial adventure for your whole team!

Ready to Take on the Challenge?

👥Gather your team (3 or 4 techies), gear up for an exciting competition, and aim for the skies! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a tech enthusiast, AWS GameDay is the perfect opportunity to focus on building cost-effective applications and understanding various cost efficiency strategies within the AWS environment.

Don’t Miss Out!

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