Welcome to Haufe Group Romania, where innovation and excellence converge to shape the future of technology!

We are a software company, part of the German company Haufe Group. We work closely with our international colleagues to develop cutting-edge applications (web, mobile, desktop, and cloud services) using agile methods.

Here at Haufe Group we strongly believe in full stack mentality, full commitment and that there is always room for growth and development. Our Technology Hub in Timisoara provides innovative cloud solutions, e-learning products, integrated business and workplace solutions that help organisations and people shape their transformation process and achieve sustainable business development.

We believe in the potential of each team member and aim to create an environment where respect, trust, and pride in being part of the Haufe team flourish.

Our culture encourages us to:

  • Perform: We set high standards and achieve them through dedication and teamwork.
  • Enjoy: We find joy in the work we do, turning every challenge into an opportunity for creativity and innovation.
  • Engage: We actively collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners to deliver outstanding results.
  • Experiment: We embrace curiosity and encourage experimentation as a path to continuous improvement.
  • Have Courage: We celebrate the courage to try, learn, and even fail, knowing that it is the cornerstone of progress.

Our technology stack includes JavaScript/Typescript/Node.js as well as PHP, Java, C++, Pyton, Kubernetes or Docker. We have a thorough understanding of cloud ecosystems: AWS and Azure.

So, whether you’re a student with a passion for technology or a teacher inspiring the next generation of innovators, Haufe Group Romania welcomes you to join us on a journey where every idea counts, every effort makes a difference, and every success is a testament to our shared vision. Together, we’re creating the future!