Practice – Bachelor’s degree

Clarification – 2021

Due to the global pandemic, companies have fewer internships available than in the previous years.

This year (2021), we recommend students to look for internships available in the area of their place of residence. Students don’t have to be hired only by IT&C companies, but also by companies with other economic profiles, but which have an IT department.

Also, due to the sanitary conditions, the practice can be done online.

In order to have a clear situation of occupying the places of practice, please answer to the 4 questions from the following form:

Practice calendar for bachelor’s degree students

The practice takes place according to the following schedule, which may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic:

  • 01.02.2021 – 31.03.2021 – companies send to prof. Ciprian-Bogdan CHIRILA (chirila[at]cs.upt.ro) all the details about the current year’s internships and the portal practica.ligaac.ro is updated
  • 01.04.2021 – 30.04.2021 – students apply to internships (minimum 3 applications per student)
  • 01.05.2021 – 15.05.2021 – companies analyze the received CVs
  • 15.05.2021 – 30.06.2021 – interviews
  • 05.07.2021 – 20.09.2021 – practice.

Responsibles of practice

  • an III CTI (Romanian and English) conf. dr. ing. Doru TODINCĂ and conf. dr. ing. Cosmin CERNĂZANU
  • an III IS ș.l. dr. ing. Sorin NANU
  • an II Informatics conf. dr. ing. Iosif SZEIDERT
  • an II Informatics – ID ș.l. dr. ing. Mihaela CRIȘAN-VIDA

Details regarding practice (internship)

Required documents:

  • 2 copies of the agreement* (1 company + 1 UPT)
  • 2 copies of the protocol* (1 company + 1 UPT)
  • 3 copies of the convention (1 company + 1 UPT + 1 student)

* mandatory only for companies that don’t already have an agreement and protocol with UPT

In the case of companies that do not have an agreement and protocol, it is enough that one student completes them and not all the students from that company. To avoid duplication, contact the company staff. Complete, sign and stamp all these documents and their copies and then send them to the dean’s office. During the pandemic, you can: send by Romanian Post to the address V. Pârvan, Nr. 2, leave them at Electro gate or send them on-line. When the documents are signed, the student is notified by phone to pick them up.

Don’t forget to leave your mobile phone number and a valid e-mail address to be in touch.

The list of companies from Liga AC’s practice portal isn’t a restrictive one. Students are free to choose also other companies as long as these companies have an IT department.

The period in which these documents can be submitted to the dean’s office is a continuous one, until the practice period begins and even after, if necessary. It is desirable that those who need these documents follow all the steps to have them before starting practice.

Practice documents in electronic format are uploaded on Campusul Virtual.

Details of the general framework for organizing and conducting the practice are available on UPT’s website.

Forms for students

  • Collaboration agreement docx(ro) docx(en) pdf(ro) pdf(en)
  • Collaboration protocol for accomplishing the practice docx(ro) docx(en) pdf(ro) pdf(en)
  • Convention – framework for accomplishing the practice docx(ro) docx(en) pdf
  • Standard application to the Faculty Secretariat for practice in the proposed institution docx
  • Address issued by the Dean’s Office (to be presented by the student to the company he accomplishes the practice) doc
  • Practice portfolio doc
  • Certificate of practice doc
  • Evaluation sheet pdf
  • Practice notebook (booklet) pdf docx

Legal basis