Dean’s Message


In 1966 the Faculty of Automation and Computers offered the country the first class of “Electronic Computers” engineers. From then until now, our faculty provides the training of engineers in various study programs: Computers, Automation and Applied Informatics, Information Technology and Informatics.

Our mission is:

Training highly qualified IT engineers with automation, software and hardware knowledge and skills.

University studies are organized after “Bologna” paradigm and include all three cycles: bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Curricula for these three cycles are the result of continuous evolution and are designed to ensure professional excellence and compatibility with the international academic environment.

Besides educational activities, the priorities of the Faculty of Automation and Computers are to encourage scientific research and to establish partnerships with academic environment or the private sector.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information. 

Prof.dr.ing. Marius-George MARCU - decan

  • 0256-403212 Decanat
  • 0256-403257 Sala B412-B414
  • marius.marcu@upt.ro