HackTM 2023

  • Data: 12-14 mai 2023

In 2023, Timisoara is not only the European Capital of Culture but the Capital of Hackathons as well.

Hack the Capital is a 48h marathon of elite programming, with the purpose to generate astounding ideas applied to solve real-life community problems.

IT professionals, designers, tech enthusiasts, and non-programmers, you are all welcome at this year’s HackTM. Participants can expect 48h of hardcore coding, crazed ideas, exceptional prizes and much more.

HackTM 2023 aims to gather 500+ participants, a supportive community and most probably endless cups of coffee to keep us all going.

WHEN? Between 12th – 14th of May

WHERE? CRAFT (Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timișoara)

UPT Partner in Best IoT Project

IoT brings connectivity and the ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of data from different devices without the need for human intervention, bringing benefits regarding efficiency and performance in terms of process control.

There are still many challenges regarding the development and deployment of IoT systems, from which we mention security and privacy (as the IoT systems can include critical functions and can also deal with sensitive private information, it is important that data is protected from unauthorized access for example).

Some of the best know use-cases for IoT are: connected cars, smart cities, smart building and home automation. Public cloud platforms play an important role in making IoT possible, through offering ready to use solutions that allow modeling the IoT devices and enabling collection and processing of data from IoT devices.

Projects will be evaluated based on:
Positive impact on society
Technical implementation
Usage of cloud-based services
Fast Wheels PRO 250W Rebel Toys Electric Scooter /team member from Universitatea Politehnica Timișoara